Family Friendly Dog Training with Certified Trainer Andrea Kutzko

In Home Family Friendly Dog Training

  • Training In Your Home

  • Designed for your your personal life style

    • Teach your dog to potty outside, stop rude behavior like nipping and jumping, and finally get your dog to listen once and for all!

  • Appointments available now!

  • Call for package pricing based on your training needs!


About Andrea

I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and I love to work with the community and their precious pets. I’ve been lucky to have trained thousands of family dogs. I help families solve every day problems, keeping pet dogs in homes, where they belong. If you want me to learn the simplest, most gratifying, and fun way to train your dog, I will show you how!

I offer a discount for seniors and veterans. That’s because I want to guarantee dog training is accessible for everyone in our communities! I enjoy the relationships I build. Students soon realize we will adapt everything to make training work for their family and their dog and we create a lasting relationship.

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