Dog Training & Behavioral Consults

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I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Behavior Consultant. I love your dog… and you. This allows me to teach with patience, compassion, and wisdom – while tailoring our time together to meet your goals!

I offer group and in home lessons in Northwest Indiana and parts of Cook County, IL. I’m Certified and my LLC is bonded, and insured. Questions about how I train? Get in touch with me and check out a little info about me. Skip past group lessons to read about private lessons.

Group Classes

Classes are held at Sunset Hill Farm County Park in Valparaiso. Classes meet once each week for 6 weeks for 50 minutes. Rain day if needed. Class are 50 minutes long and cost $120.

Tuesday August 20th

6pm Heel Good Dog class

Finally teach your dog to heel. Learn a new way to connect with your dog while working to enjoy your walks and to stay safe. Flat buckle collar and/ or harness needed.

7pm Good Dog (All ages)

Group Good Dog classes will help your dog learn to behave with real life distractions! We cover foundational skills such as leave it, heel, come, and more! A must take for any dog.

Sunday September 15th

1pm Good Puppy
Put your puppies best paw forward with this 6 week puppy training class. This class will teach critical socialization skills as well as safety cues such as “leave it”, “Stay” and “Come”. Loose leash walking will be featured.

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Private Lessons

  • Single 1-hour lesson: $75
  • Package of 4 1-hour lessons: $250
  • Package of 10 1-hour lessons: $500

Military discount available for private lessons.

Private lessons are perfect for many dogs and their families. Only a behavioral consultant is specialized in both dog training and behavior.

Who benefits most?

  • Busy families
  • Anyone who doesn’t work 9-5
  • Professionals who put in too many hours
  • Scared, timid, or shy dogs
  • Reactive or aggressive dogs
  • Distracted, rambunctious, or hyper dogs
  • Dogs that are not friendly with people or dogs
  • Dogs that guard resources including people, dogs, places, bones or food
  • Separation anxiety
  • Dog fights at home
  • History of a bite
  • Fence fighting
  • Dogs who won’t come when called
  • Dogs who pull on the leash
  • Dogs who jump on guests
  • Dogs who are demanding or rude
  • Destructive behavior
  • and more..

It’s a great opportunity!

Private lessons are a fantastic way to ask a dog trainer or consultant for anything you want or need. It’s gives you private attention to address your specific goals. You have to commit to 1 hour session every week and 20 minutes a day to change your dog’s behavior and even build the relationship with your dog. That’s it!

Andrea Kutzko, CPDT-KA

(219) 973-7538