It’s true. Our pups love grass. There can also be a variety of medical conditions going on so you should seek out a vet’s advice just in case its a poor diet or intestional worms. A student of mine just contacted me to ask how to get her dog to stop eating grass so lets’s help everyone with this frustrating problem!

The answer is the same as any problem. If you don’t like what your dog is doing, what would you rather have your do instead? So of course there are a ton of options but I have a couple of favorites!

One is to teach a solid “leave it”. “Leave it” means to “stop what you’re doing and look at me. It’s a fabulous safety cue but it also allows you to give your dog another cue just in time to stay out of mischief. The best way to learn this is in a class setting where a Certified Professional Dog Trainer can coach you through the process. I’ll give it a try. Drop a yummy treat on the floor and cover it with your shoe. Your pup should immediately start sniffing, maybe even licking your shoe. Wait until they look at you and then mark and reward. Much better to see in person!

The other is to take your dog out on a leash and work on loose leash walking skills. You absolutely need a class to learn this one but if I had to summarize loose leash walking would be to teach your dog to be at your side. Dogs who know how to walk on a leash will offer plenty of eye contact – so much so they’ll ignore that silly grass.

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