Get Off! Teach Your Dog to Never Jump on Guests

Teach Your Dog to Never Jump at the Door… just in time for the Holidays!

“Anytime, anyone is struggling with a dog behavior problem, I ask them one simple question. “Well, what do you want your dog to do instead?” I get a lot of surprised looks! Most of us haven’t actually thought about it that way!”

Andrea Kutzko, CPDT-KA


In fact, most of us have never gone out of our way to teach our dog what to do and how to act in specific situations like when guests come over.

Tank loves to be in his “place”.

So, let’s simply ask, “What should my dog be doing when guests arrive?” Simply put, sitting is just a fantasic answer. Your dog can not simulataneously jump and sit at the same time. If you teach him to sit, he will sit instead! (Honestly, though, the coolest dogs hear a door bell ring and run straight to their “place”, relaxing, until given permission to greet guests!)

Think “incompatible behavior”. Your puppy can’t sit and jump at the same time. He can’t be on his place 10 feet away and charge through the door at the same time. Thank goodness!

Let’s say your dinner guests have just arrived. They’ve rang twice and knocked. It’s freezing out. You’re busy cooking, and you can’t make it to the door without burning the gravy! You yell “Just come in!” and your guests take one foot inside the door… and there’s your best furry buddy taking over as host! He pushes through the open door, greets each guest with enthusiasm, jumping, bouncing, each movement a little closer to licking your guests’ faces.

If you’d rather skip that, I have a much better plan. You could teach your dog to sit next to the door as soon as he hears the door bell ring. He could even go lay on a mat out of the way so your guests can come in and remove shoes and coats undisturbed! Until you ask, your darling dog can lay down politely waiting to meet your guests . Bonus points for teaching him to sit politely for petting.

Tip: Without any distractions, ring your door bell and ask your dog to sit at the same time. Immediately, say “yes!” and reward him for it!! Remember, repetition is key. After a few days of practice, test it out! Ring your door bell while your dog isn’t paying attention, pause, and exclaim “Did he just sit?!?” (If not, you just need more practice! Keep it up!)

I have tons of different and creative tools in my toolbox to prevent and solve jumping! I may suggest using a leash at the beginning and even practicing at the door without a guest. For serious situations, we can even talk about elimating the door bell – Just like I did. (I sort of just pulled it out of the wall and well, happily, it no longer works.)

I have so many more creative tricks up my sleeve to help even the worst jumpers! Have me come to your home to help you work through jumping exactly where it’s happening! We’ll start working on polite door behavior as soon as I ring the bell!

Can’t wait to help! Let’s try to get together before the holidays so you’re ready!

Andrea Kutzko, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed)

My cell (219) 973-7538. Call, text, or e-mail to




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