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Hack Dogs Staying at Home

Try these easy hacks to maintain the peace while stuck at home.

These toys offer enrichment, build confidence, reduce mental energy, and some even provide tons of exercise. This means your dog is tired. Tired dogs are better behaved. 🙂

Always supervise your dog to prevent your dog from eating non-food objects.

dog ignoring hot dogs and laying politely

The goal: Keep your dog busy and tired.

These are my Amazon dog toy winners. They aren’t just your regular fluffy rabbit. These toys tire your dogs out, burn down mental energy, and can be a huge boon to restoring peace in your house.

Hands Down #1 Winner: Dog Flirt Teaser Pole (Best $14 I’ve Ever Spent)

SYOOY Dog Extendable Teaser Wand Pet Teasing Flirt Pole Interactive Toy with 1 Cotton Chewing Rope for Training Exercising Pulling

This thing is a beast that just keeps on entertaining. Fantasic training tool. Even better sleeping tool. Play with this thing for 10 minutes and watch your dog crash hard after running non-stop. (Having the time of his life!)

Note: Hide from your dog so he doesn’t eat it.

Follow this link to watch a flirt pole in action.

Best Food Toy for Destructive Dogs: The Buster Cube $15

Kruuse Buster Food Cube Feeder, Purple

Also known as my “food bowl”. I feed a lot of meals in this thing. Simply open and dump dry dog kibble in. Treats fall out as it rolls around. Mine is a whopping 8 years old! At 6″ with rounded corners, it is just literally impossible for our dogs to pick this up. If they can’t pick it up, they can’t chew it.

Note: Pit bull proof. Tank has not destroyed his in 8 years. Prevents bloat by slowing eating.

Say No More: The Infamous  Kong Toy $10-$25 (Petco and

Try the black for power chewers and consider going a size up!

Famous for a reason! Do more than stick a few treats inside… that’s boring! This can be the most entertaining toy in your arsenal. To introduce to your dog, smear a tiny bit of peanut butter around the inside room. To make it harder, freeze it. Read my blog about “extreme” ways to make this a blast. 

Note: Tank ate the red version of these. I recommend the black. Mine show damage from teeth but no pieces have ever been bitten off.


The Hottest Craze in Dog Enrichment: Licki Mat $9-$12

Hyper Pet Licki Mat

img_4469This thing is awesome! Cheat and smear peanut butter, canned pumpkin, or wet dog food. Freeze overnight before giving to your dog.

Extreme Mode: Use wet stuff as “glue” on the bottom of the mat. Stick pieces of dry dog food on top and freeze.

Note: Tank started to chew this up. Not pit bull proof. Use supervised. Prevents bloat by slowing eating.



My Top Toy of 2020

Yoyipet [Second Generation] The Foobler Timed, Self Reloading Puzzle Feeder Ball for Dog Training and Play-4 inches Blue and Orange

Probably not great for big dogs or heavy chewers. Six time released compartments open at set intervals of 15 minutes, 30, minutes, or more. At the start of the next interval, the ball with DING! letting your dog know the toy is now open for delivery. (P.S. Your dog WILL learn what the ding means!)

My dear puppy friend Finn was kind enough to review this toy. He managed to really damage the plastic. Not for super chewers or larger dogs. Prevents bloat by slowing eating.

Challenging Toy: Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug $10-$15, Petco

PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal-Dispensing Dog Toy Use with Kibble or Treats

The bottom unscrews and you can add dry dog kibble or treats. Your dog must figure out how to pull the rope in just the right way so that the treats fall out. This was way TOO HARD for my dog. We simply pulled the rope out and it still challenges him! Prevents bloat by slowing eating.

Entertain and Slow Fast Eaters: Fun Feeder $10

Feeding your dog’s dry meal out of this can really make eating a lot more fun! Instead of scarfing down every morsel, this toy makes your dog work, lick, and paw to earn his meal. I like to use canned dog food or pumpkin as a glue. Then I press dry food on top and freeze it. Don’t forget to freeze it! Prevents bloat by slowing eating. Yup, you can find this one at Petco too.

Balls for Dogs Who Love Balls, Balls for Dogs Who Don’t Care About Balls: Food Dispensing Ball

Pelay Dog Ball Toys for Pet Tooth Cleaning/Chewing/Playing,IQ Treat Ball Food Dispensing Toys of 2 Non-Toxic Soft Rubber Ball.

I ordered this on a whim and I am sold!! These balls have “shark teeth” that can be opened and small bits of treats or food can be stuck inside. Sometimes I’ll stick a dental chew through the whole in the middle. Not every dog loves balls, but every dog loves balls with food!

Note: Tank has not destroyed these. He will. It is only a matter of time. Supervision required.

Puzzle Toy: Treat Toy with Slow Feeder Bowl $25

Tarvos Interactive Dog and Cat Treat Puzzle Toy – Slow Dispensing Food – Promotes Smart Brain Stimulation and Healthy Eating – No More Boredom – FDA Certified – Adjustable Height for Small/Medium Dog

This toy is nuts! Fill the green part with food and watch as your dog nudges, paws, or even licks trying to knock the food from the cylinder. As if that weren’t tricky enough, after falling from the cylinder the dog must manage to lick up fallen pieces from the maze on bottom. Prevents bloat by slowing eating.

Holee Roller – Stuffable Toy

JW Hol-ee Roller Original Treat Dispensing Dog Ball – Hard Natural Rubber – Assorted Colors

This thing is cool for less than super chewers. Take strips of fabric and stick inside the ball. Let your dog who loves to destuff toys.

Actual “Puzzle” For Dogs

Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Beginner Dog Puzzle Toy – Engaging and Interactive Treat Dispensing Game for your Dog’s Toy Box

Coolest Frisbee $13

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Spinning Dog Toy, (Orange/Blue), Multicolor, Medium (10 in x 10 in) (0511300)

This toy weighs just ounces and floats effortlessly, and unpredictably, into the air. Perfect challenge for frisbee dogs, and a great introduction for dogs new to frisbees.

My Husband’s Pick: Tennis Ball Launcher

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Dog Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toys (Load & Launch Tennis Balls for Dogs to Fetch) [Best Dog Ball Launcher Toys for Large, Medium & Small Dogs], Full Size, Model: 50252EA

My husband loves to play rough, crazy, and well a little manly with my dog. He loves shooting these balls into oblivion for our dog to fetch. He also has my dog “say please” for this game. Before shooting the next ball, my husband waits for my dog to sit politely and give him eye contact.

And in case you didn’t think of it… this is a great time to train!

Using positive reinforcement training games can give your dog an opportunity to build confidence, learn new manners, behave more calmly, and can simply make your life more fun!

Some tricks to consider teaching:

  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Crawling under your legs
  • Going through your legs
  • Nudging your hand when you say “touch”
  • Catching treats
  • Stay while your knock on the door
  • Jumping over short, low objects (Know your dog’s fitness level before using anything tall!)
  • Weaving around cones or cans of food or dog toys
  • Hide and seek – Seek the person or the treat or toy

These are the treats I’m using these days:

Big Training Treats: Pet Botanics

Pet Botanics Training Rewards Treats for Dogs, Made with Real Pork Liver, Focuses, Motivates, Rewards, Speeds Up Learning Curve, No BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, Bacon, 20 oz

These run about $6.99 for a whopping 20 oz bag. Contains 550 treats… which can be broken into over a 1,000 pieces. Thats 1,000 opportunities to reward your dog. Made in USA.


Super Handy: Treat Pouch

PetSafe treat pouch, available in stores and online.

This is by no means a neccesity. But it sure makes my life easier! I can reward fast as lightening to maximize my training effiency when I wear this belted pouch. Look a pouch that snaps closed easily.

“Off Leash”: 20 Foot Training Lead


Take your dog “off leash” like you’ve always dreamed. Use this super long 20ft leash to keep your dog attached to you at all times but with a feeling of freedom. This is an awesome opportunity to teach your dog to come from a distance. Available at Petco and

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