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A lot of our neighbors have said nice things about me. I’m humbled. The truth is anyone can hire a dog trainer, only the successful students actually do the work! Kudos to all of you for putting in the time and effort needed!!! ❤ You guys are the best! 🐾

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Use the Contact form to send in any reviews, comments or concerns! Dave S. – “Andrea is amazing. She changed our aggressive dog’s life for the better! I’m also super excited about the new packages.”

 Mark R. – “Andrea is the nicest, most patient person I have ever met. She let me ask questions and let me interrupt without hesitation. I just think my dog should have learned faster.

 Anne K. – “I took my two dogs, Geordie and Midge, to see Andrea when she was working as a dog trainer at PetSmart. We took private classes with Andrea and she was wonderful! At the time I had recently adopted Midge and she was having a difficult time with some behaviors, mainly barking and separation anxiety. Also, it was difficult walking the two dogs. This was the first time I had more than one dog and there was a lot for both the dogs and for me to learn. While working with my dogs Andrea was very professional and exhibited a great deal of patience as well as positive energy working with both my dogs and also with me. She gave me tips to help Midge with her anxiety and even printed out helpful tips for both dogs, including introducing a new dog to the home and advice for walking with two dogs. Between the classes and the information Andrea sent home with me I was able to see a positive change in my dog’s behavior and I also became a more confident parent, making the three of us a happy and calmer family. I would highly recommend Andrea as a dog trainer.”

 Taylor W. –
“After just one in-home training session with Andrea, I can already see a huge difference in my extremely hyper 7 month old Doberman pup. She walked me through everything step by step and gave me alot of great tips & tricks on how to get my puppy to actually listen to me. She’s also extremely knowledgeable and answered any of the questions that I had. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone!”

  Jessica P. –
“Fantastic trainer! Was very patient with us and our new puppy. With her guidance we were able to breeze through 6 weeks of puppy obedience training in 3 weeks time. I would recommend Andrea to anyone. She’s amazing and a joy to work with.”

  Nancy R. –
“Andrea was so patient with us, especially my husband. She made the exercises she showed us easier by breaking them down into steps. We learned so much from her and we decided to buy a pacakage of lessons.”

 Angie L. –
“Andrea gave me a lot of good tips to work with my dog.”

 Carmen H. –
“Andrea spend a lot of time with me but my dog isnt perfect.”

 Valerie H. –
“Andrea first met our dog, Jake, in an adult beginner class. It became clear shortly after we got Jake and he started taking the classes that he had some difficulties around people and other dogs. She handled him so well in every class, setting up a special area for us where he wouldn’t be distracted by the other dogs and owners while still being able to participate in class. She taught us all the basics and was very patient and attentive to Jake, despite not being able to directly interact with him until the fourth week. She gave us so much helpful one-on-one advice before and after every class and continued her wonderful work with us with a couple private sessions.
My husband and I were fortunate enough to reconnect with Andrea at Canine Connect for the “Rambunctious Rovers” class designed for reactive dogs. In this class, we learned how to build off of Jake’s beginner knowledge to help him succeed in challenging circumstances. Andrea is able to use her firsthand knowledge of these types of dogs not just due to her training background, but because of her experiences with her own reactive dog. She is able to relate to our difficulties. In this class, we learned many strategies on how to have better control of Jake to prevent things from going wrong. We also learned how to allow for and reward his good decisions. I’ve left this 6-week class with so much more confidence on handling our dog.
Throughout all of our time with Andrea, she has been available to us outside of class to address our concerns and questions. She is patient and caring with all of her clients. She truly loves what she does, and it shows! Andrea is a fantastic dog trainer committed to her clients and we look forward to working with her again.”

 Jim R. –
“Andrea worked very hard with my dog reactive pit bull. She is always friendly and professional and my dog has made such progress! He was unable to even see a dog down the street without reacting and now we can enter a room with other dogs without causing a scene. I don’t know what we would have done without her.”

 Heather G. –
“She had a creative idea of how to occupy my puppy when I cant watch him with putting things in his kong that I wouldn’t of thought. She also showed me a great way to help my puppy learn to walk on a leash without tugging. She helped me with jumping on people which I had an idea of this but it was good to hear her tell me what I thought was right. She also told me when you tell him to do a behavior and right when he does it say Yes and reward. I already knew that and was using that but I’m glad we were on the same page.”

 Marie B. –
“She knows what we are going through with our dogs at home because she has a dog that she had to train the same way. She stayed after class to answer our questions.”

 Marilyn  S. –
“Andrea was exceptional in helping us deal with our dog and cat problem. We hope to have her back again.”

 Arthur K. –
“Andrea kutzko is fantastic she is great and I learned a lot.”

 Zyra P. –
“Our dog, Savannah, LOVES her and so did the other dogs. (It says a lot about a person if a dog likes them and don’t see them as a threat.) She takes the time to get to know our dogs and skills that we would like worked on and she helps us with it. She also finds different ways to help achieve a set skill to fit the different dogs. The best part about her is the love she puts into her work and it really shows!”

 Angie L. –
“Andrea gave me a lot of good tips to work with my dog.”

 Carly S. –
“She was extremely friendly and patient. No challenge was too hard for her. My puppy was very stubborn in the fact he just didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say, and now he’s one of the most well behaved dogs thanks to her help.”

 Rob S. –
“Andrea was incredibly patient. She didn’t flinch when my dog charged her. After just a few sessions we’ve seen progress but we know its a very slow process. She went way beyond our expectations by giving us hope with our aggressive dog.

 Nancy L. –
“I had a hard time understanding why Andrea was using the technique she was with my dog. I had her explain again and saw my dog do things I never dreamed she was capable of. Andrea showed us a great deal of love.

 Nicole L.. –
“Andrea came to my house to work with my aggressive dog. He loved her after about 5 minutes!!!”

 Victor Lopez. – Andrea was kind and professional but she wanted to do too many lessons to fix my dog.

Andrea Kutzko, CPDT-KA

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